Visual Basic Programming
Spring 2015
Monday evening: 6:30-9:15
Room J-102
Instructor: Mr. Taylor

What's covered in Visual Basic Programming (COP 1332)?

  1. Improved user interfaces.
  2. Building your own browser.
  3. Object-oriented programming.
  4. Extended web applications.
  5. Phone applications.
  6. Database applications.
  7. How to sell your apps in the Store.
  8. The Windows Presentation Foundation: VB and Blend.
  9. Guest speakers from Microsoft.
  10. We’ll also cover some stuff just for fun:
    1. Creating transparent forms and forms with different shapes.
    2. Visual effects.
    3. Graphics and animation.

A note about the course:
The prerequisite for this course is Principles of Computer Programming (COP 1000).

A note about the book:
Students are sometimes concerned about the title of the book, "Advanced Visual Basic 2010". The authors have two Visual Basic books:
  • "Starting Out with Visual Basic 2010"
  • "Advanced Visual Basic 2010"
The content of the second book actually coincides with the contents of our intermediate course: Visual Basic Programming - COP 1332.